How to Plan Your Own Trip

This page is dedicated to posts that will guide you step by step on how to plan your own trip from start to finish.

This series covers the travel planning process right from the very beginning, starting with choosing a destination to researching, booking, packing, enjoying your time away and finally how to remember it when you return, plus lots more in between.

My aim is to make your travel planning simple and stress-free.

As always, feel free to contact me at any time if you have any follow up questions about any of the posts on this website. I am always happy to chat travel with my readers.

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Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Holiday Destination

Step 2: How to Budget for Travel

Step 3: Saving Money to Travel

Step 4: Finding Destination Inspiration

Step 5: Where to Find Trusted Travel Planning Information

Step 6: Planning the Perfect Travel Itinerary

Step 7: How to Find Cheap Flights: 10 Tips & Tricks

Step 8: Which Accommodation Type is Right for Me?

Step 9: How to Choose the Right Means of Transport

Step 10: How to Book Tours and Attractions Online

Step 11: Things to Look Out For When Buying Travel Insurance


4 thoughts on “How to Plan Your Own Trip”

  1. I have been devouring your web site and SO appreciate all your tips. We are following the itinerary for the Italy by rail. Two quick questions:
    1) Do you have to make reservations for the train in advance and for a specific time.
    2) How does one transfer from the train station to the hotels? Can you prearrange this or just take a taxi?

    • Hi Shawn,
      So glad that you found our site useful. Here are the answers to your questions:
      1) No you are not required to make reservations in advance. Although it would be recommended depending on the time of year you are travelling. If it is peak season over summer you may find yourself having to wait a few hours at the train station for an available seat. Outside of this you would be ok to make reservation at the station on the day.
      2) The train stations in Europe are usually right in the heart of the city centre so you can either walk (if your accommodation is close enough), take public transport like subway, bus or tram or you can take a taxi which are readily available at all train stations.
      Hope this has helped!

  2. Please comment on this itinerary. What would you do if the trip needs to fit in a 3-week schedule? Need to cover Positano, Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan.

    Sep 08, Day 01: Arrive in Naples/Transfer to Positano
    Sep 09, Day 02: Positano sightseeing/rest
    Sep 10, Day 03: Amalfi/Ravello ferry/bus visits
    Sep 11, Day 04: Positano sightseeing/rest
    Sep 12, Day 05: Pompeii/Vesuvius/Transfer to Naples by taxi
    Sep 13, Day 06: Naples sightseeing/rest
    Sep 14, Day 07: Naples sightseeing/rest
    Sep 15, Day 08: Train from Naples to Rome
    Sep 16, Day 09: Rome sightseeing
    Sep 17, Day 10: Rome sightseeing
    Sep 18, Day 11: Rome sightseeing
    Sep 19, Day 12: Train to Florence
    Sep 20, Day 13: Florence sightseeing
    Sep 21, Day 14: Day trip to Pisa/Lucca
    Sep 22, Day 15: Florence sightseeing
    Sep 23, Day 16: Train to Venice
    Sep 24, Day 17: Venice sightseeing
    Sep 25, Day 18: Day trip to Verona/Lake Garda
    Sep 26, Day 19: Venice sightseeing
    Sep 27, Day 20: Train to Milan
    Sep 28, Day 21: Milan sightseeing
    Sep 29, Day 22: Day trip to Lake Como
    Sep 30, Day 23: Milan sightseeing
    Oct 01, Day 24: Return Home.

    • Hi Ananth,
      Thanks for reaching out. Your itinerary looks good so far. If you wanted to fit this into 3 weeks I would remove Naples. Unless of course you have something specific you want to see there. To me it is the least interesting place of the ones you have picked. Hope this helps.


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