DIY Travel Planning

Are you looking for help with your travel planning but feel confident enough doing the research yourself? Then this page is all for you!

Here you will find lots of simple and stress-free travel planning articles, lists and links to assist you with your DIY Travel Planning. All of the tips, itineraries and suggestions on these pages are based on my experiences and those of my fellow bloggers, so you can be assured that you are receiving TRUSTED advise.

I’m regularly posting new articles to help you plan your own dream trip, so check back regularly if you don’t see exactly what your after right now.

And as always, feel free to contact me at any time if you have any follow up questions about any of the posts on this website. I am always happy to chat travel with my readers.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Travel Planning”

  1. Looking for six week plus vacation in italy. We don’t want to be rushed. Like cinque e terra would like to stay in la spezia and spend one day at each town. Would like to spend 4 days in the lake district more Into the history and off the beaten track. Train is great. Off the beaten track is something we love. Thinking the fall sept 2025


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