How to Pack Your Car for a Long Road Trip

How to Pack Your Car for a Long Road Trip - The Trusted Traveller

One of the toughest things to do before taking off on a big road trip is trying to fit everything you want into the car. It doesn’t matter how big your car is or how long you are travelling for there never seems like there is enough room for everything. If you are travelling for … Read more

Top Travel Tips to Live By in 2022

Top Travel Tips to Live By in 2022 - The Trusted Traveller

Another year goes by and while the past 12 months hasn’t been full of travel like other years (due to the dreaded COVID), I have still managed to visit a few new places albeit a little closer to home than usual. Every time I travel somewhere new I learn something new, not just about the … Read more

Top Things to Take Care of Before Your Trip

Whether for business or for pleasure, travelling helps us escape our routine and experience different cultures and customs. If you want your travels to be successful, organisation is the key. And the way to get yourself organised and ready for your trip is by meticulous planning. You should reap the benefits while away, if you … Read more

Your Packing Tips: Travel Lighter and Smarter

Packing is a hot topic in the travel world. Travellers the world over love sharing their packing tips and tricks, creating lists and trying to find the best ways to travel lighter and smarter. Last week in our giveaway post where we talked about our must-have packing accessory, we asked you to share your top packing tips … Read more

12 Health and Safety Travel Tips Every International Traveller Should Know

No one wants to think that during their precious holiday time abroad they could become sick, injured or be put in an unsafe position. But the reality is that illness, injury and unfortunate circumstances can occur, often more frequently, when you are travelling. Holidays should be fun. They should be relaxing and leave you returning … Read more