Is Getting a Tour Guide in Turkey Necessary?

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel destinations in the world currently, and why wouldn’t it be. With history, culture, nature, and exciting stories hidden in every corner, Turkey should definitely be on top of every traveler’s bucket list. 

In current times with Covid-19 putting a lot of plans on halt and travel plans becoming so complicated and nearly undoable, Turkey has welcomed tourists with open arms, especially with its e-Visa program. 

An e-Visa is an electronic entry permit issued by the country’s government you are planning to visit as an alternative for the regular visa, obtainable entirely online. Turkey, like many tourist-friendly countries for the ease of the people, has adapted this method as e-Visas typically take less time and are much easier to get.

Turkey has always welcomed tourists wholeheartedly; however, dozens of nationalities still need a visa when traveling to Turkey. You can find all the details online and apply for your e-Visa within minutes from home. For more information, go to and submit your application using any working device!

Pros of getting a tour guide while in Turkey

Offering sheer diversity, lucrative to any visitor new to a location, Turkey is the place to visit. Known popularly for its historical sights, once you start working on your itinerary, you will realize how much more Turkey has to offer. From mountain ranges to beaches, nature archaeological wonders, to vibrant streets of Istanbul, a trip to turkey promises a lot of exciting experiences and a lifetime of memories. 

How you wish to travel through Turkey depends on the kind of person you are. Do you like being independent and explore on your own, or perhaps you like having everything booked and ready for you with a schedule in hand?

If you’re still unsure, we’re here to give you the pros and cons of hiring a tour guide in Turkey to help you decide. 


Saves a lot of hassle

If you are traveling abroad for the first time, you may find guided tours and tour guides beneficial to you. It’ll save you the hassle and anxiety of having to find activities, food, transportation, and accommodation.

Tour companies plan it all out for you and provide a tour guide who knows it all. You are always welcome to give in your suggestions to them in case there’s something you want to add or subtract from the list.

Most importantly, since the guides are locals, they know the best time to visit a place, the best places to eat, the rush hours, the best photo spots for your Insta-pics, and can help give you tips and tricks on how to shop at the local markets too.

Saves a lot of time

Booking a tour guide saves you so much time before the trip begins and once it begins.

Everything will be planned for you with reservations and bookings done before time by the tour company, so just enjoy your vacation without any worries. 

You get a lot of information

It’s no secret; Turkey is full of history and archaeological wonders all around. It’ll be like a blessing having a tour guide telling you all the local folktales. You get briefed on the history and stories of the place and get to know things you might not find while walking around on your own.

We’re often so busy trying to get the perfect photo that we miss out on the little but very important details. Tour guides are excellent at pointing such historical artifacts out. 


Guided tours can be heavy on the pocket

If you choose an individual tour guide or a full guided tour for the entirety of your stay, you will have to pay a significant amount of money to the service providers.

This can prove to be heavy on the pocket in comparison to exploring around freely with your own plan in hand. 

Lack of control

Once you book a tour guide for your trip to Turkey, a lot will then depend on the tour guide and how they have planned the trip for you.

All activities are usually being planned and booked so carefully and that most of the time, you’re in a rush to reach the next destination. Having a tour guide and booked itinerary takes away from the freedom to do what you feel like in the moment without disrupting your entire trip.

Lack of local experience

One of the most important things while traveling is gaining the local experience. Guided tours are usually generic and include the most popular sight-seeing options instead of providing a very local and free experience.

For example, it’s great getting to see the Blue mosque and then quickly moving on to Hagia Sophia, but there’s so much more one can also explore in Istanbul. 

Final thoughts

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way of exploring the world as long as you’re enjoying it. If you’re someone who enjoys being in control and has a solid plan of how to go about the trip, then definitely come up with your itinerary, buy a good guide book and get exploring.

However, if you’re someone who appreciates having everything sorted out before time, bookings done, tickets purchased, a local to guide you through the trip, then look into booking a good tour guide. 

We’ve shared some of the pros and cons of booking a tour guide for your trip to Turkey above. We hope it helps you make the best decision on how to navigate through your trip to Turkey. Be it with a tour guide or without, we hope you have the best time.

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