Finding Destination Inspiration

Finding Destination Inspiration - The Trusted Traveller

You’ve chosen the perfect destination for your next holiday, you know when you want to go, you’ve got that budget all worked out and started saving. At this point you’ve done minimal research on your destination but know enough to know that it’s where you want to go and roughly how much it’s going to cost. So it’s time to move [...]

What Inspires Sarah from Live Dream Discover

What Inspires Sarah from Live Dream Discover

This week I am truly honoured to be interviewing not just a fellow traveller but a good friend. Sarah and I met through an online travel community many months ago and although we have never met in person (one day) we have managed to stay in touch regularly and support one another in our online [...]

Nice Photo Gallery

Nice Photo Gallery - The Trusted Traveller

Looking for some inspiration to visit the stunning French Riviera, specifically the city of Nice? The city is situated right on the Mediterranean Sea with a long pebble beach, crystal clear water, a charming old town where you can wander the winding cobblestone lanes and the grand newer part of town with wide boulevards and great shopping. [...]

Things to Do in Auckland

Things to Do in Auckland - The Trusted Traveller

What’s the capital city of New Zealand? Go on, have a guess. Most of you will probably guess Auckland and up until a few years ago I thought the same thing. While it isn’t the capital of New Zealand (that title goes to Wellington), it is however the largest city in the country, both by [...]

Inspirational Travel Quote 27

Inspirational Travel Quote 27 - The Trusted Traveller

Tough working week ahead? Well here is a little inspirational travel quote to get you through it and to keep you looking ahead to your travel goals and dreams. Join me every Sunday for a dose of inspiration and fight those 9-5 blues! Over to you! Do you have a favourite quote, travel related or otherwise? I [...]

Getting Around Berlin

Getting Around Berlin - The Trusted Traveller

Mastering the public transport in big cities can be tough, especially when you’re not prepared. But with my Getting Around Guides, I can guarantee that you’ll be getting around like a local in no time at all. Berlin is a sprawling city in the north of Germany that takes up an area of nearly 900 km². [...]

Exploring the Grand Pacific Drive

Exploring the Grand Pacific Drive - The Trusted Traveller

With over 50,000 km of coastline, Australia is home to some of the world’s most scenic coastal drives. Whether you’re driving along the Pacific coast, West Australian coast or arguable the most famous Southern coast which includes The Great Ocean Road, I can guarantee you’ll find picture perfect ocean views, pristine, wild and untamed beaches [...]

What Inspires Amy from The Unsettled Meliorist

What Inspires Amy from The Unsettled Meliorist - The Trusted Traveller

In this new interview series called What Inspires….. I aim to share with you what inspires other travellers to get out there and see the world in the hope that it inspires you to do the same. This week I’m hosting one of the best deal savvy travellers I’ve come across so far. Amy describes herself [...]

Things to Do in Salzburg

Things to Do in Salzburg - The Trusted Traveller

When most people think of Salzburg they think either the birthplace of Mozart or The Sound of Music. The scene where Fraulein Maria and the von Trapp children are dancing around the Pegasus fountain in the Mirabell Gardens singing Do-Re-Mi and using the steps as a musical scale is the most common scene that comes [...]

Florence Photo Gallery

Florence Photo Gallery - The Trusted Traveller

Looking for some inspiration to visit the beautiful Italian city of Florence? It’s a city full to the brim with incredible architecture and world class art.  Here is my Florence Photo Gallery that I hope inspires you to get there soon. Hover your mouse over the images for a description or click on one to see a [...]