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This Greece Travel Guide aims to provide you with simple and stress-free travel planning information and inspiration for planning a trip to Greece.

On this regularly updated page you will find links to useful posts on The Trusted Traveller, budget information, details on types of accommodation available, information on getting around the country and more useful links to resources around the web.

Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller

Quick Facts

Capital: Athens

Language: Greek

Currency: € Euro which is made up of 100 cents. Coins come in 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, €1 and €2 denominations and notes in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 denominations.

Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs with two round pins are standard. Outlets for 110 volts for small appliances can be found in most hotels.

Travel Tips


Greece is located in southeastern Europe on the Mediterranean Sea. The country is bordered by Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The country is made up of the mainland and thousands of islands, of which around 200 are inhabited. The mainland landscape is made up of mountains, fertile plains and forests. While the islands have a very volcanic appearance and are rimmed with cliffs and pristine beaches.


Greece has a very Mediterranean climate with summers being hot and dry and winters being mild and wet with temperatures in the mountains cooler than in the south.

Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller

Best Time to Visit

Summer is by far the best time to visit Greece. The sun shines everyday and the weather is dry, which is perfect for enjoying the stunning beaches and partaking the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

However if heat isn’t your thing, visiting in the shoulder seasons (October/November and March/April) will still allow you to enjoy great weather. This time of year is ideal for hiking.

Believe it or not, if you head to the mountainous north during winter, you’ll be able to ski. Avoid the islands over winter as they mostly shutdown. Major cities like Athens are pleasant and much quieter at this time of all.

Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller


It is always recommend to have a mixture of cash and bank/credit card with you when you travel anywhere in the world and there is no exception when it comes to money in Greece.

ATM’s found in all major towns and cities across the country including the islands. As well, credit cards are widely accepted although some establishments such as small hotels and shops may only accept cash.

Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller

Getting There

Greece is well-connected by air with flights arriving in Athens and a few other cities from all across Europe and the UK and parts of the US, Middle East, Africa and Asia.  A flight from London to Athens will take around three and a half hours and a flight from New York about nine hours.

I use and recommend Expedia for researching and booking flights all around the world.

A popular way to arrive in the country is via ferry. There are daily services arriving from Italian cities such as Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Bari. Some services are for foot passengers only while others will take your vehicle also. Check out the following websites for more details on ferry crossings into Greece:

Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller

Getting Around

Be prepared to be a bit patient when trying to get around Greece as things run a little slower than what you might expect. However, there are plenty of clean, safe and cost effective options for making the most of your time in the country.


Ferries connect the mainland with most of the inhabited islands and are a relative cheap and scenic way of getting around. Services are frequent in summer and it is advisable to book in advance either online or at a quayside ticket office during this period.

Some boats have two classes, First Class and Economy Class. The difference being that cabins are available in First Class which can be good for longer journeys. Most ferries also have food services on-board.

Fast ferries, called Hyrofoil’s, are run on some of the more popular routes.

For up-to-date information of routes, times and prices, check out the Greek Ferries website.

Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller


Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines are the two major carriers and cover all domestic routes including mainland and some islands (Santorini, Crete, Corfu and Rhodes).

I use and recommend Expedia for researching and booking flights all around the world.


Europe’s excellent network of trains doesn’t quite extend as far as Greece, however there are train services that connect major cities on the mainland and a rail pass you can buy if you are planning to travel to a few different places.

There are two classes on the trains, 1st and 2nd class, with the only real difference being slightly more leg space and room to move about in 1st class.

Most trains you can just show up at the train station and buy your ticket on the day while a few may need a seat reservation to be made in advance. This can be done either at any train station in the country or online through a ticketing agent in your home country. Here are a few that I recommend depending on where you are from:

  • Rail Europe for residents in USA, Canada & Mexico.
  • Rail Europe for residents in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and other select parts of the world.
Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller


All major cities and smaller destinations in Greece are connected by an extensive network of buses. These buses are usually more efficient than taking the train, although the comfort isn’t quite as good.

Check out the KTEL website for routes, times and prices.


Highways in Greece have been significantly upgraded in the last 10 years, so driving these days is much easier.

On the islands and in some rural areas, expect to be navigating on narrow and twisting roads, sometimes with sheer drops and on poor surfaces.

I use and recommend Expedia for researching and booking car hire all around the world.

Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller

Where to Stay

Greece caters for everyone when it comes to accommodation. Here is a list of the types of accommodation you’ll find:

  • Camping/Cabins – Take advantage of the excellent weather by camping. There are some excellent camp grounds, especially on the islands, that offer all the amenities you’d expect and some even have ocean views!
  • Hostels – You’ll find hostels in abundance in the Greece’s bigger cities and one or two in most other regional areas and the islands as well.
  • B&B’s/Pensions – Small family run style accommodation like B&B’s or pensions can be found all over the country in big cities, small towns and on the islands. Accommodation is simple yet comfortable and the experience usually comes with friendly hosts and a home cooked breakfast each morning.

Get up to $45.00 AUD credit when you join Airbnb using this link.

  • Hotels/Apartments – You will find both chain hotel/apartments brands and independent hotel/apartments to be in abundance in cities across the country and some of the main islands. The good thing about this type of accommodation is in most cases you know what you are going to get, a clean, comfortable and modern room with a decent array of facilities in the room and on the property. Apartments are great for longer stays as they allow you a bit more space and the option to self cater.

I use and recommend for researching and booking hostel, motel, hotel, apartment and resort accommodation around the world.

  • Luxury Hotels & Resorts – Greece has its fair share of 5 star properties (especially on the islands), some of which have been named in top lists of accommodation around the world. These will offer you brilliant service and a top location, sometime with incredible views of the surrounding area.
Greece Travel Guide - The Trusted Traveller


Greece has a variety of eating options that will suit all budgets and tastes. The capital, Athens, is a  foodie heaven!. While you will find the majority of its restaurants and cafes serve local and European/Mediterranean dishes, the country is expanding and becoming more multicultural with its cuisine offerings.

  • Supermarkets/Markets  Save money and shop in supermarkets and local markets for snacks, picnic lunches and even ingredients to make a whole meal in your self catering accommodation.
  • Fast Food / Take-away  Chain fast food stores are in all major centres of the country and along highways as well. If you’re looking for a cheap and tasty fast food meal, look to where the locals are, usually getting snacks and light meals from food trucks and stands on the side of the street. A popular street food snack is a souvlaki which is meat cooked on a spit, salad, sauce and hot chips wrapped in soft and fluffy flat bread. You’ll find stands selling them everywhere.
  • Cafes – Greek’s love cafes and some of the world’s most well know can be found in the country. Coffee, delicious sweets and tasty Greek meals will be on offer for sit down or takeaway.
  • Restaurants – Traditional restaurants are your best bet for getting the best meal in Greece. Meat, seafood and lots of fresh produce are the stars of every meal and a lot of the dishes are cooked by a Greek Mumma from a recipe that has been passed down through the generations.
  • Fine Dining – Greece has it’s fair share of the worlds best restaurants so if it is fine dining experiences you are after then you won’t be disappointed.

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