Things to Do in Bath

The Roman Baths - Things to Do in Bath - The Trusted Traveller

Great Britain is full of beautiful cities but very few of them are as stunning as Bath. This city is bursting with history dating back to Roman times, its buildings are examples of some of the UK’s finest Georgian architecture and its streets are some of the grandest in the world. Bath’s written history starts … Read more

30 Free London Attractions

Kensington Palace Gardens, one of the free parks and gardens in London - 30 Free London Attractions - The Trusted Traveller

Notoriously one of the most expensive cities in the world for visitors, London can be a daunting prospect for those travelling on a tight budget. Popular attractions like the London Eye, Westminster Cathedral and the Tower of London will all set you back at least £20.00 a pop, leaving you with little left over to experience other … Read more

Things to Do in Cambridge, England

Punting is a popular past-time in Cambridge - Things to Do in Cambridge, England - The Trusted Traveller

There’s no doubt that Cambridge is one of the UK’s prettiest cities. The rows of punting boats, elegant blossom trees and traditional ice cream stands make Cambridge a truly spectacular city to visit especially in the summer time! Situated along the River Cam in the East of England, Cambridge is roughly 50 miles north of … Read more

Things to Do in Cardiff

Cardiff is a very proud city. Proud of its culture, its fascinating 2,000 year history and of course its unique language. The capital of Wales has changed drastically over the past decade and is transforming itself into a modern, world class city. Archaeological evidence from sites in and around Cardiff show that Neolithic people settled in the area by about 1,500 … Read more