5 Gorgeous Cycladic Islands to Visit

mykonos_traditional windmills- 5 Gorgeous Cycladic Islands to Visit - The Trusted Traveller

The Cycladic islands are a special chain of islands in Greece known for their gorgeous whitewashed cubist architecture, pristine beaches and beautiful villages. They attract all kinds of travelers seeking to explore the richness of the Greek islands. Here are the five gorgeous Cycladic islands that should be on your Greek island bucket list. Santorini … Read more

Exploring the Island of Patmos in Greece

Patmos Island - Exploring the Island of Patmos in Greece - The Trusted Traveller

Patmos is a tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea, near the Kos islands, and relatively close to Turkey. It is one of the Dodecanese Islands, and is known for its unique and distinctive characteristics. It is also known for being the place where St. John wrote the book of Revelations. The island is home to … Read more

5 Things to Do on Corfu Island

This week I am hosting fellow traveller Chrysoula Manika from Travel Passionate with a guest post all about the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu. Corfu is a very popular Greek island situated in the Ionian Sea. It has lush vegetation, great architecture, pristine beaches, historic monuments and tasty food making it the perfect holiday destination. Corfu … Read more