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Over the years I’ve picked up lots of useful travel tips and tricks that have helped me make the most of my travels while also keeping myself healthy, safe and well connected around the world.

This section is dedicated to those travel tips and tricks whether it be during the planning and booking stage, while out on the road or when you return.

The types of articles you will find are not destination specific and can be relevant to you no matter where in the world you are travelling to. They include tips on:

  • the planning and booking process;
  • useful gadgets and apps;
  • staying healthy and safe;
  • keeping clean;
  • making the most of your trip;
  • managing your money;
  • packing; and
  • scams you might encounter.

New articles are being published regularly, so if you don’t see something your after right now, you can be sure to find it soon.

And as always, feel free to contact me at any time if you have any follow up questions about any of the posts on this website. I am always happy to chat travel with my readers.

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6 thoughts on “Travel Tips”

  1. I love your blog and I appreciate all the helpful tips and information.
    I’m trying to get from Gatwick, London to Paris. Do you recommend flying? Do you suggest any websites?

  2. Hello Jen

    Thank you for this collection of lovely tips. In preparing for the first trip, I had lots of questions and I wanted answers. I wanted to know what to expect, what to pack, how to plan, what to carry-on, what I would need so I could feel confident I could cope and meet all of my son’s needs while traveling. I was also concerned about protecting my son’s safety in terms of flying for that long, where he would sleep, how he would sleep, breastfeeding on the plane, and more. In that quest, people and websites like yours are helped me a lot.

    My Thank you very much.


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